Our Ethos

As every other trainer out there, I’m extremely passionate about dogs and this is proven in my work.


My training beliefs and methods don’t fit into the usual “balanced” or “force free” categories. Instead, we look at the individual dog in front of us and prepare a unique, personalised training plan for what works for the individual owner and dog to fit this circumstances.


All methods taught have been used, tested and proven by myself and my personal dog, Tiggy.

I truly believe that if I wouldn’t use a particular method if needed with her, then it doesn’t go into my tool box. This ensures that everything I teach has compassion and welfare in mind and a great deal of attention to the individual dog’s emotion has been taken into account.

Our services

Premium Pet Sitting

Our premium pet sitting service is a unique and personalised service to  give you peace of mind you won’t come back from holiday to a badly behaved pup


Does your dog pull on the lead? Is your puppy toileting everywhere they’re not supposed to? Enquire about how we can help you and your dog!

Dog Walking

Our training treks and pack walks will give you peace of mind your training won’t go out of the window whilst you work!



The Puppy Recall Webinar

A FREE 60 minute webinar teaching you how  to achieve a reliable recall and STOP your puppy running away.

The Perfect Puppy Podcast

Learn how to train the perfect puppy for your lifestyle with our free, educational podcast.

Premium Puppy Training

Step 1.
Set your goals

Setting your goals and understanding how to make your puppy fit into your lifestyle is key to ensuring we prioritise the most important behaviours for you.

Step 2.
Create training plan

Now we understand how you want your puppy to fit into your lifestyle, we’ll create a personalised training plan for you and your lifestyle to ensure to maximise results.

Step 3.
Stay consistent

once we’ve taught you how to achieve these goals, it’s down to you to maintain the training plan and stay consistent. This ensures your puppy’s success.

What our clients have to say


Before we started working with Miriam we relied on a lot of free online content to help train Sufi. This didn’t give us the structure that Sufi really needed.


Over the past few weeks, working with Miriam has helped us build an incredible foundation for Sufi. We learnt how to build proper engagement, which has helped strengthen Sufi’s recall and leash walking that helped with her reactivity to other dogs.


Within four weeks, we saw a real progression in Suzie. She improved from a dog that struggled with her impulse control, to a dog that has begun to get it under control.


Miriam’s training methods are very efficient and it’s clear to see Suzie also loved her!


Thanks to Miriam, our cockapoo Barney went from being scared of everything to being a confident and socialised puppy – in just four sessions!


He now listens to us consistently and his recall has improved immensely.


We are so happy to have chosen her as our trainer and would highly recommend her to puppy owners!