Think Dog Academy

My goal is for you to be able to leave your home feeling confident you can face the real world with your dog.

Our Ethos

As every other trainer out there, I’m extremely passionate about dogs and this is proven in my work.


My training beliefs and methods don’t fit into the usual “balanced” or “force free” categories. Instead, we look at the individual dog in front of us and prepare a unique, personalised training plan for what works for the individual owner and dog to fit this circumstances.


All methods taught have been used, tested and proven by myself and my personal dog, Tiggy.

I truly believe that if I wouldn’t use a particular method if needed with her, then it doesn’t go into my tool box. This ensures that everything I teach has compassion and welfare in mind and a great deal of attention to the individual dog’s emotion has been taken into account.

Our services

Puppy Classes

In our 6 week puppy class, we give you the tools to get through the puppy stages and provide you and your dog with the best start.


For puppies up to 5 months old


After completion, we recommend you join our beginner Sunday Social sessions and usually 3 months later, our clients complete our foundation programme

Foundation Programme

In our 4 week foundation programme, we provide you with the tools to go out into the real world and to lay a solid foundation for you to go away and start enjoying your dog.


Your handling skills can be tested in our weekly Sunday Social group class

Sunday Social

Once you’ve completed our foundation programme the next step is to put all your new skills into action!

Every Sunday at 9am – 10.30am we run a group class for you to practise and advance your handling skills.

Checkout what our Sunday socials includes here

Advanced Programme

You now have a solid relationship, you’re confident in your handling and your dog is engaging with you regardless of distractions – it’s time to provide you both with more freedom!


After 3 months we recommend you come back to get your dog fully off lead in EVERY environment!

What our clients have to say