Think Dog Academy's

Foundation Programme

Does this sound like you...

  • Your dog is dragging you on the lead the moment you walk out of the door
  • You’re avoiding certain times and walking where it’s quieter
  • Your dog is lunging, barking and getting way too excited around other dogs
  • You prefer your dog inside where there are no distractions

If you said YES to any of these...

Then it’s time to say goodbye to frustration and stress!

And say hello to…

  • Relaxing walks without your dog pulling
  • Your dog checking in with you and not the environment
  • Increasing your confidence
  • Feeling like you can ENJOY your dog again!


The 4 week Foundation Programme

Each programme is customised based on your personal goals and lifestyle.

Some of my clients struggles before the programme -

  • Reactivity towards other dogs
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Playing “keep away” with the ball
  • Not knowing HOW to play effectively with their dog
  • Not settling in new environments

Some of my clients goals before the programme -

  • To walk past strange dogs on the street
  • Be able to take their dog on off lead adventures
  • No more reactivity or fear towards dogs or people
  • More engaged and interested in them over the environment
  • To be able to be taken anywhere without hesitation including picnics and coffee shops

The Results...


Bruno and his owner joined the programme in December 2021.


As a very high energy cockerpoo, his owner struggled to challenge his energy in a productive way.


He also had zero recall where he could never be off lead without running way, was reactive to other dogs, would scream if he wasn’t doing something and would drag on the lead.


This incredible team graduated from their foundation AND advanced programme by March 2022 with zero reactivity, no lead pulling, 100% recall and spends every walk off lead now!


Checkout their transformation here!


Loki and his owners started their foundation programme in March 2022.


Loki was an extreme puller to the point where his owners avoided taking him outside of their local area.


He was also reactive to other dogs, didn’t listen unless bribed with food and couldn’t be taken to any cafe without whining and being extremely restless.


After their hard work they graduated from their foundation  by April 2022 with zero reactivity, no lead pulling and for the first time since they’re now able to take him on weekend adventures and planning their first doggy holiday!

The Investment

Foundation Programme

Giving you the tools to succeed
£ 200 one off
  • x4 121 sessions
  • Ongoing support
  • Access to join Sunday Socials
  • Access to our other services