How to start to train your puppy today

Whether we like it or not – all puppies need training and it needs to start as soon as you bring your puppy home.


Follow these 6 steps and you’ll know how you can start training your puppy today

Set your goal

Before you think about starting to train your puppy, it is important to know what you want from your puppy.


Genetic predisposition plays a huge role in goal setting which is why goals should be decided before getting a puppy.


Unfortunately, not everyone knows this so when setting your goals it is important to train the puppy in front of you and have a goal that is realistic for your specific dog.


I have an entire blog post coming out tomorrow (06/01/2021) all about goal setting.

Hire a trainer

We do not know everything.


That is why we have people who specialise in one specific job, so we can go to that specialist to get the correct help.


We go to the doctor if we feel sick.

We hire an english tutor if our child needs help with english.


And we hire a dog trainer to get help with training our puppy.


Reading a book or a few blog posts is nothing close to gaining one on one help to achieve your goals with the dog in front of you.


So save the stress and get the RIGHT help NOW to save you and your puppy the stress

What should you teach first?

If you know your goal and have hired a trainer, then continue to work through your specialised training plan to achieve the goals.


However, whilst you are deciding on a goal – instead of twiddling your fingers, here are a few things you can get started on:

Crate train

Teaching your puppy to love the crate is incredibly important.


Even if you do not plan to use it long term, it allows them to learn to settle in the crate in case you find yourselves needing to use one.

Vet trips, travelling, car rides, boarding, kennels are a few.


There are hundreds of benefits to using a crate and I’ll have a blog post all about those benefits coming soon.

Increase engagement, trust & confidence

Engagement is the key ingredient you need to start training your puppy.


Engagement is the desire for your puppy to work with you.


It allows you to train your dog anything, builds trust and also increases confidence.


This is essential if you haven’t socialised correctly and they fear certain situations.


I’ll have a blog post all about increasing engagement very soon, so stay tuned!

Socialise correctly

Reality check – your dog doesn’t NEED friends.


We now live in a society where owners believe their dog needs friends when actually all they need is you.


You are MORE than enough if you give them everything to thrive.


Allowing your dog to interact with everyone and everything causes

  • Reactivity
  • Lack of recall
  • No control
  • Your dog prefers everything else over you
  • exposure to illness and injury
  • causes your dog to run over to any dog or person believing they are friendly – which could lead to a serious injury if they run over to the wrong dog.


Socialising correctly decreasing ALL this PLUS increasing engagement. Which opens hundreds of opportunities for you as a team.

Prevention is better than cure

With young puppies it is so important to prevent as many problems as possible.


Mistakes WILL happen. But if you seek the right, professional help then this will ensure you do not make as many mistakes.


Aside from lack of education, there is no excuse to not try and train your puppy.


And even less of an excuse once you have the right knowledge!

Are you ready to train?

If you’re ready to start training your puppy then my 4 week perfect puppy programme is perfect for you!

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