Are you tired of your dog pulling you?

Does this sound like you...

  • Your dog is dragging you on the lead the moment you walk out of the door
  • You’re avoiding certain times and walking where it’s quieter
  • You’re rushing to the park to get your dog off leash ASAP
  • You prefer your dog inside where there are no distractions

If you said YES to any of these...

Then it’s time to say goodbye to tension, frustration and stress


Say hello to...

  • Relaxing walks without your dog pulling
  • Your dog checking in with you and not the environment
  • Increasing your confidence
  • Feeling like you can ENJOY your dog again!


The 4 week lead walking programme

Week 1 - Foundations

Learn and understand the foundations needed before you stop your dog pulling and implement the steps needed!

  • Understand why your dog pulls
  • Tools and equipment required
  • How to hold the lead
  • Charging your marker
  • Building engagemen

Week 2 - Stopping your dog pulling

Getting down to how to stop your dog pulling and implementing the steps into everyday life.

  • Stopping your dog pulling
  • Being consistent and balancing freedom and training
  • What your walks should look like for the next few weeks
  • Teaching eye contact

Week 3 - Proofing

It’s been heavy training for the past 2 weeks and now it’s time to start increasing the difficulty and distance on how far your dog can walk without pulling

  • Adding duration in low distraction areas
  • How long proofing takes
  • How to practise LLW in high distraction areas
  • How to know when your dog is ready 

Week 4 - Mini Pack walk

The hardest thing dogs find is walking alongside another dog but having a neutral dog makes the process so much easier! 

  • Overcoming more obstacles
  • Increasing difficulty with CONTROLLED distractions
  • Introducing Tiggy and other neutral dogs


Stop your dog pulling on the lead

£ 200 4 week programme
  • 4 121 sessions
  • phone & email support
  • Easy to follow training plan