Socialisation course

By Think Dog Academy

Helping new puppy owners socialise their puppy effectively and easily

Do you want to feel confident you can take your puppy with you anywhere?

Tired of apologising for your puppy's behaviour?

Confused and overwhelmed not knowing what to do?

You feel a well socialised puppy is miles away?

Let me take the guesswork in how to socialise your puppy so you can focus on actually enjoying and succeeding with your puppy

Stop wasting time feeling…

And start feeling…

Who it's for

Who it's NOT for

What you can expect to achieve

Go from this

Confused and overwhelmed by all the information

Feeling like you can’t take your puppy anywhere

Avoiding busy areas in the summer

Embarrassed by your puppy’s behaviour

Not understanding what your puppy is trying to tell you

To this

Confident you’re doing the right thing

Can take your puppy to busier areas with confidence

Can have your puppy be part of your summer holiday with CONFIDENCE

Feeling proud about your puppy’s behaviour

Confident you can read your puppy and what they are trying to tell you

What's inside

Module 1

Learn what socialisation is, how to set goals, what to socialise your puppy to and start building a stronger relationship with your puppy

Module 3

What to do during your first park visit, introduce your puppy to different animals, socialise them with traffic and vehicles and what a normal socialisation walk looks like

Module 2

Learn how to ensure good experiences, how to introduce your puppy to different noises and what to do when you have guests over

Module 4

Learn how to socialise your puppy with other dogs,  understand your puppy’s body language and how to introduce your puppy to another dog

By joining today, you'll receive...

module 5

Includes real life case studies and how I handle certain situations 

free strategy call

Hop on a free 20 minute call with me and receive a customised socialisation training plan (worth £35!)


My puppy is 7 months old, is this course right for me?

This course doesn’t have an age limit, if you’re struggling to socialise your puppy then you this course will help you!

My dog is aggressive to other dogs, will this help me?

This course does not cover any aggressive reactivity. This requires customised in person training.

My puppy is over excited when guests come over, can this help me?

YES! We have multiple videos about guests coming round and people you meet outside

When will I have access to the course?

We officially launch on 27th January. You’ll receive access to module 1 on the 24th January 2022 (2 weeks before those who join in January).

You’ll have instant access to book the free call and the welcome module

If I change my mind, do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds for this course

what do I do if I can't access the course?

Please email


Suzie the schnauzer

Within four weeks, we saw a real progression in Suzie. She improved from a dog that struggled with her impulse control, to a dog that has begun to get it under control.

Miriam’s training methods are very efficient and it’s clear to see Suzie also loved her!

Barney the cockerpoo

Our cockapoo Barney went from being scared of everything to being a confident and socialised puppy – in just four sessions!

He now listens to us consistently and his recall has improved immensely. We are so happy to have chosen her as our trainer and would highly recommend her to puppy owners!

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Socialisation Course

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